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I have been creating joyful and functionally creative spaces in Hawaii for almost 10 years.  I love good design, and good design begins with dialogue.  My process begins with listening to my clients’ needs and wants, and getting a feel for what they envision for their space.  

It is easy to make a space look good, the hard part is making it feel good to each client.  When an interior decorating project is finished, my goals are for my clients to get that good feeling from me working within their budget (and I will work within any budget), creating a space that they envisioned, and having made the whole process easy and fun for them.  

You will see from the gallery that my overall style is beachy chic, but I also like to work in other forms of style from mid-century modern to a more streamlined contemporary look.  Each space has its own style and feel, just as every client has their own unique style and expectations.   It is from this combination that I tap into and create.

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